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This website is free for anyone to Buy, Sell & Rental properties, FSBO, Agents, Brokers.
The more exposure you’re property gets the more likely you are to sell.

Our Services

Personal: Free for sale or rental :
List as many properties as you wish, on occasions your property may be listed on the social media websites.

Full contracted agent service sale only:   The will list your property on websites and your property will be promoted automaticlly through our social networks. Bringing or directing potential customers to a property viewing  Sale Contract will be the listing Agents own contract. This service is on a negotiated contract based on property prices and location of your property, most agents will  charge  between 3% and 5% of the sale price with a minimum charge. Any payments or deposits that changes between hands between Vendor and potential purchaser without the sale reaching conclusion will incur a 10% charge, without exception.

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